Yamaha Canada
Production Company
Timelapse Film Media House
Mark Chisholm
Trevor Lang
Brayden Wiebe
Curtis Binkowski
Garth Collins
Production Designer
Brendan Morgan
VHS Camera
Zack Focker

Yamaha: Make Waves

Yamaha Canada approached us with an idea to create a spotlight piece on the post punk band “Actors”. This would be created under their new brand promise MAKE WAVES. It was evident from day 1 that these guys were artists for the artist. My first call with the bands lead, Jason Corbett, provided an immediate connection. He’s an easy guy to talk to, and has a great sense of humor, but what stood out most was how insightful he was about his art form and self awareness of his professional journey. This drove the narrative, and gave a new appreciation to the music the band was creating.

The chemistry between all members off and on set made filming easy. We wanted to give the overall look a dark retro feel that complimented the 80’s tonality. We knew going into it that we wanted to capture a hybrid of black & white with the performance being in colour, highlighting deep reds to contrast the colour palette. After the first scout we realized we were shooting in quite a tight space, but the art department restructured Rain City Records in a way that was shootable but also gave us our desired look.

We chose to shoot on a moving camera that could float between performances of each band member. The objective was to capture emotion from each member while migrating and subtly holding on to the key component of this piece: showcasing YAMAHA product in full function. We wanted our audiences to really feel the instruments as they were being played, as the artists would while they recorded.

Behind the Scenes