Upstream Music Group
Production Company
Timelapse Film Media House
Mark Chisholm
Trevor Lang
Executive Producer
Michael Delle Donne
Brayden Wiebe
Garth Collins
Sam Gilling
Jay Kook
Zack Focker
Production Design
Brendan Morgan

Robotaki "The Experiment"

Preston Chin (Robotaki) can feel his life is about to change.  His dreams are in arm's reach and stardom might just be around the corner. But with any 28 year old, life demands important decisions. For Preston, it was whether to pursue a career in sciences or make a living of things that he feels. He left McGill University with a masters in cell biology, but against his parents direction, he chose a path which gave him the creative outlet he craved. On the road, and conducting a new type of Experiment, one with much more on the line, we follow Preston on a 3 month tour across North America.

We met Preston a couple years back in Boston, MA while shooting for Monstercat. Preston was mid tour and had teamed up with a couple other artists on the Monstercat roster to throw a show at AFK after-party hosted at PAX east. We hung out with Preston before the show and swapped stories. It was then we knew we had much more in common then just our age. We decided that we wanted to collaborate again in the future but on a larger scale. Over the next two years we stayed in touch with his management team at Upstream Music Group, and decided to pull the trigger on a short form documentary during his North America tour. Personally I knew I wanted this to be an intimate story, so I acted like a private investigator for a week learning everything I could about Robotaki. His stage setup had these beautiful horizontal lights, so we chose to shoot on anamorphics (Cooke SF) to give his live show some interesting characteristics. This was a crazy idea from the start - shooting a documentary on RED & anamorphics, but we wanted to make our audience feel connected to Preston’s raw emotions, while providing a cinematic flare that only this package could deliver.

Our gaffer (Zack Focker) has a collection of VHS video cameras that contrasted perfectly with the anamorphic look. It gave the piece a nostalgic tone that paired nicely with Preston’s backstory. The best part about Preston was that he was just a super chill guy to work with and down for whatever environment we put him in. It made the whole experience a pleasure to shoot and when we called cut at the end of a 3 day shoot, we knew we had all created something special together. The experiment was a success.

Behind the Scenes