Ducks Unlimited Canada
Production Company
Timelapse Film Media House
Mark Chisholm
Trevor Lang
Brayden Wiebe
Garth Collins
Edited by
Rane Miller

Protected By

We partnered with DUC to create a short form documentary that would speak to a younger audience about the importance of protecting Canada's estuaries. This project was a year in the making and a filming experience like no other. We captured the four seasons that Cowichan estuary endures every year and the ecosystem that’s imperative for its survival. We traveled back and forth between Vancouver and Cowichan, capturing a variety of natural life that changes throughout each season and documenting real DUC workers in the field working on protecting these wetlands.

The purpose was to portray DUC as an organization who takes pride in their work, and believes in their ability to make a difference in Canada's estuaries. The stories they told paired perfectly with interwoven shots of wildlife and environment ambience in its purest form - this made for a harmonic cinematic experience. There is a magic in the air at Cowichan, and you can feel the energy of life around you while you’re there. It was important for us to capture that sensation in this piece.

Filming was extremely peaceful, however capturing the wildlife was an all together unique experience. You can’t call action on animals or weather, so we spent days observing and researching the surrounding area we would be shooting in. It took careful planning to set ourselves up where we wanted to be for the right moments. We incorporated moving cameras and focused heavily on the sound engineering to bring nature to life.  We also utilized natural light to create a more palatable image, shooting early mornings and sunsets which in its own was a pleasure.

Behind the Scenes