The Boom Boom's
Production Company
Timelapse Film Media House
Mark Chisholm
Trevor Lang
Brayden Wiebe
Garth Collins
Production Designer
Brendan Morgan
Nick Thiessen


The idea behind Masterpiece was to shoot a music video with the feel of a live recording. The band actually ended up recording, and mastering this version for release. These guys were not only talented, but great to collaborate with in the conceptualization process. After our first meeting we knew exactly what we wanted to do. It was a great feeling being so in sync with like-minded creatives, which led to a great shoot day.

The set was located in Vancouver's famous Imperial Theatre which added something special to the ambience of the shoot. Funny enough, in our tech scout we ended up switching locations from the main theater to the dressing room which had this beautiful exposed brick. It gave it a basement feel vibe which was way more in line with how the band represented themselves.

After some rehearsal, we shot whole project in about 10 takes ending with the hero one shot. We used our Epic W paired with these crazy Russian lenses that SIM digital hooked us up with. These lenses gave us some challenges with the wireless follow focus at times, but in the end it was worth the trouble - we loved the hazy mystical look that we received. When the energy is high, the performance and shots turn out great.

Behind the Scenes