Eco Grid Solutions
Production Company
Timelapse Film Media House
Mark Chisholm
Trevor Lang
Brayden Wiebe
Garth Collins
Production Design
Brendan Morgan

Light Your Way

This was designed as a metaphorical piece to create awareness for solar powered lighting company Eco Grid Solutions - their mission is to provide a cleaner energy solution to lighting our communities.  The narrative behind the spot was driven with a voiceover overlaid with cinematic visuals as audiences follow the story of a boy growing up and experiencing light in all aspects of life. The key message being that solar powered energy is the right way to illuminate your future.

We shot on Cooke primes to give the visuals a feeling of nostalgia which enhanced the journey of our lead character. Casting 4 generations for our lead was ambitious but in the end it was satisfying to see the character we created come together.

We shot on location in Edmonton, Vancouver and Abbotsford and had a blast working in so many different environments.

Behind the Scenes