Six Hundred Four
Def Leppard
Production Company
Timelapse Film Media House
Mark Chisholm
Trevor Lang
Brayden Wiebe
Garth Collins
Executive Producer
James Lepp

Electric Splatter

There’s not a lot of things cooler than working with a rock legend splattering 30 pairs of shoes with paint, but that’s exactly what we did. Being an artist at his core, Phil Collen of Def Leppard has always found new mediums at which to direct his constant creative energy.

This project: create 30 shoes with his signature splatter paint technique celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic Def Leppard album Hysteria. We approached the project as a branded spotlight piece with the strategy of shooting the process while shedding light on who phil was behind the music. In the end we were left with a look into Phil’s creative being and window into his unique personality.

The idea was curated through James Lepp and his local sneaker shop/art gallery Six Hundred Four Shoes. On a day off during their current world tour, Phil found himself wandering around Gastown, and eventually into Six Hundred Four. Being a sneakerhead himself, the ideas flowed naturally into the direction of collaboration.  

The shoes sold out in 48 hours with this video driving all traction.

Behind the Scenes