Escents Aromatherapy
Production Company
Timelapse Film Media House
Mark Chisholm
Trevor Lang
Brayden Wiebe
Garth Collins
Production Designer
Brendan Morgan

Create Your Escents

This spot is all about capturing those in between moments of one's life. We wanted to explore the lifestyle of a young, motivated and productive woman, while humanizing her personality. Our character represents the lifestyle of the ideal Escents consumer, who uses their product after a productive day.

During the casting process, we considered the clients diverse demographic and looked for unique, relatable skill sets. Originally ballet wasn’t a part of the script, but when we found out she danced professionally, we knew we had to incorporate it. We shot on location for two days, making it a fast paced environment that we thrive in. We shot everything handheld with our Epic W and a set of Cooke primes.

The objective of the spot was to resonate both locally and globally, as the client has a strong presence in Asia. We hit both markets with a 60 second spot and range of photos captured to boost their social presence.

Behind the Scenes